Saturday, 5 October 2013


10 The Big Book of Fables by Walter Jerrold, Illustrator Charles Robinson

Images for:
9 Hampton Court 1915 by Walter Jerrold, illustrator E.W. Haslehust,
8 Loathsome Dragon by David Wiesner and Kim Kahng 1987
7 Beautiful Creatures animé by Cassandra Jean;
6 Hugo Pepper by Chris Riddell (text Paul Stewart) #3 Far-flung Adventures;
5 Paintings by Emily Carr: Cathedral, Seascape, War Canoes;
4 Photos of painter Emily Carr;
3 Burglar's Fate and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton 1884 at
- Holdup at Geneva Bank, "Hands up, Newton Edwards!",
- Dig up bag of gold, Everman placed hand;
2 Loor, Mallor in Merchant of Death artist Carla McNeill,
Richard Scarry's Operation in Busytown;
1 Iron Man: Extremis by Adi Granov

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Croods 5* 2013

Preview. Full. Curious teen Eep (Emma Stone) follows firefly to fire-maker Guy (Ryan Reynolds) with pet Belt (Chris Sanders), who warns their world is ending, and leads the way to higher ground "tomorrow" and "the light". Caveman dad Grug (Nicholas Cage) - rhymes with hug - wants to keep his family safe in-law Gran (Chloris Leachman), wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), son Thunk (Clark Duke b. 1985), and feral growling biting baby Sandy (Randy Thorn) but the cave falls in the earthquake. Racing just ahead of disaster, they meet trouble, danger, friends, and a better future "You really need to see this". Wish for big screen to see giant purple sabretooth kitty, rainbow of prehistoric flora and fauna.