Saturday, 3 August 2013

Argo 2012 2* - Ben Affleck

Preview. Starts boring history dates, and except for the angry mob outside the embassy, suspense is more fear of being caught, most occurs in smoky typewriter offices. Terrifying bits. Believable when superiors pull the plug.

"you want to come to Hollywood, act like a big shot .. You'll fit right in."

"This is the best bad idea we have, by far."
"If we'd wanted applause, we'd've joined the circus." "I thought we did."

Hero gets highest award, secret till 1997 declassified by President Carter, voice over credits. Real photos beside stills show actors' physical resemblance. I was proud of Canada - started rescue CIA Tony Mendez finished. End presumes happy "lives in rural Maryland with his family".

Extra short: "Rescued from Tehran: We were there" 4 November 1979 - 27 January 1980 Documentary interviewed real participants still living, including Jimmy Carter. 3 months with Canadians. Swissair had mechanical problem, projected 3 hour delay, rather than raise suspicions with alternate tickets, waited, only 20 minutes. When Tony returned, first time wife said "You're a national hero."

Previews: Beautiful Creatures, Cloud Atlas, Gangster Squad,

The Hobbit "From the smallest beginnings come the greatest legends"

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