Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chronicle 2012 0* Xrated

Preview. Horror. Crazy teen kills teens, police, innocents, bloody climax. Is moral "Power corrupts"? Abusive parent causes criminal child? Reject takes the villain road? "I'm stronger than all of you". Theft, murder, blood, disaster. Comradely "I love you" too late, afterthought, doesn't negate X rating. Ick.

Disjointed, curses, giggle fits, convincingly authentic, so do you want to hang around three high-school boys, popular, outcast, and philosopher, who gain telekinetic powers? No super-heroes, these practical jokers seek popularity and girls. Until the already off-key one tips over the edge to darkness.

Andrew (Dane DeHaan), mostly behind hand-held camera: "I'm filming everything". Studly cousin Matt "Garetty" (Alex Russell) drives car to high school quotes philosophers, Arthur Schopenhauer: "All emotional and physical desires can never be fulfilled". Gotta be a hint of moral to come.

When Andrew flees from bulllies at a party, popular jock Steve (Michael B. Jordan) calls him to see glowing crystals underground with Matt. His nose bleeds, the ground falls in, they barely escape. With telekinetic powers, they play practical jokes, fly in the sky, experiment, and Andrew thinks of going to Tibet.

When Andrew pushes a tail-gating van into a river during a rainstorm, Matt dives in, calls the cops, and declares "we need rules": not against people, when angry, or in public. Upset, Andrew flies up into a thunderstorm, then kills Steve, who follows to help.

Andrew robs and kills to buy medicine for his dying mother. "I am an apex predator" justifies psycopath to murder. Matt tries to stop him (dressed in hospital gown that does not expose body bits). Armed law converges downtown near Seattle needle Tower, bodies, vehicles, smash buildings. Final scene on mountains of Tibet, Matt bids teary "You're not a bad person" -- oh yes he was!

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