Thursday, 30 May 2013

Poirot s4 ep1 ABC Murders

Preview. Poirot (David Suchet) gets warning letters for an alphabetical sequence of victims and locations, proven by ABC railway guides left near the bodies. Starting at shop-keeper Mrs Ascher ambushed in Andover, pretty flirting waitress Miss B strangled in B-by-the-sea, elderly Lord C coshed in C-. In the book, the victim stabbed in a Doncaster cinema was not a D-, giving away that the important murder was past, but here they do not say.

Unlike his usual solo grey-cells, here the victims' relatives gather to discuss clues and watch for their suspect stocking salesman. A- niece Mary (Cathryn Bradshaw), B- fiance Donald (Nicholas Farrell) and sister Megan (Pippa Guard), C- brother Franklin (Donald Douglas) and secretary Thora (Nina Marc). I remember whodunit from book, this faithful, but always enjoy the 1930s setting, rich aristocratic manors, elegant styles of women and men: Poirot and Hastings

Some humor. Poirot dislikes the smell of the cayman croc shot by faithful sidekick Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser), and finally gets to tell the story of catching the stuffed specimen to suspect Alexander Bonaparte Cust (Donald Sumpter), found with typewriter, bloody knife (in book ABC railway guides too). I thought Poirot would re-gift croc to Cust. Poirot, drying dishes, three times passes back the same saucer for Hastings to wash, both stay straight-faced, not a smidge of a smile.

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